The Lockport High School Drama Club presents...

 The Annual One-Act Play Festival

Four fast-paced, humorous, and socially distanced plays to pass away your time in quarantine!

This year's one-act play festival follows the theme of on-screen challenges that we all have faced. Whether you have experienced frustrations while being "Homeschooled," suffered through "Bad Auditions... On Camera," learned to "Survive Life in Quarantine," or struggled to receive tech support from the "Help Desk," you are certain to be entertained while our students attempt to make lemonade out of lemons!

Thank you for your encouragement and financial support of these talented high school students. Although we all miss gathering in our high school auditorium for live productions, these students, in a relatively short amount of time, have learned to navigate their virtual environments to bring our community some light-hearted fun and amusement.

Please follow the instructions on this page to purchase your Virtual Ticket.

Our performance will Stream on Saturday, February 27th beginning at 7:00 PM.

It is recommended that you sign-in early, check the function and setup of your technology devices, pop some popcorn, and gather the family PRIOR to our performance start time.

You will be able to view the performance from the comfort of your own home on any device that is able to connect to Wifi and can access your email at the time of viewing.

You may access the following Patron Streaming Guide (PDF) to answer any of your immediate questions.

 Patron Streaming Guide (PDF)

Lockport High School

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